Thursday, January 3, 2013


I realise I may stir up some controversy over this post. If you don't know what Johnlock is, it's basically just the idea that John Watson and Sherlock Holmes are a couple. I recently decided that I do, in fact, ship Johnlock even though I want Sherlock all to myself. I hope you're okay with that; if you're not, oh well. Here are some Johnlock pictures I think you might enjoy. By the way, I did get a lot of these pictures from a page on Facebook called The problem with sherlock is. . . Nothing IT'S Perfect

WARNING!!! Spoilers ahead! If you haven't seen up to Season 2 Episode 3, you may not want to read through this post. Just a heads up.

This makes me want to cry!

You can make your own version of this if you click here.

Breaks my heart </3




:3 <3

I didn't get it till I looked the second time. Eheheheheh!!!!

I need this.

Aww... </3

John Watson! I will END you!

30 minutes later...

"... And I owe you so much." </3

Eheheh :3

Awww!!! <3 <3 <3

Someone very talented painted this, I'm nearly certain.

This makes me wanna cry!

So does this.

It says:

"Even though I know that it's absurd, sometimes I like to pretend that I can still smell you on the clothes you wore..."

"... and that you're still here with me."

"... Caring is not an advantage." 

There's nothing I can do... a total eclipse of the heart </3

Sh... Sher-Sherlock...?

This one's probably my favourite <3

I hope you enjoyed this. I kept it as PG rated as possible. Have an intriguing day.