Friday, January 4, 2013

Sephora and TBS Shop n' Share

I was going to go see The Hobbit today, but sadly the 11:00 am show was sold out and one ticket was almost as much as a DVD. Needless to say we went shopping instead. I went to my usual destinations, Sephora and The Body Shop.

I had a goal when I went to Sephora; I needed to get a new foundation. I'd had my eye on Urban Decay Naked Skin since I saw xsparkage's video on it

Company: Urban Decay

Colour/Shade/Product Number/Name: Naked Skin Foundation in 0.5

Price: $45 CAD

I also wanted to get another one of the Sephora Long Lasting liquid eyeliners in Black because I suspect mine is running low. While I was in there I got another one in Dark Brown. 

Company: Sephora

Colour/Shade/Product Number/Name: Long-lasting eyeliner in 01 Black

Price: $15 CAD

Company: Sephora

Colour/Shade/Product Number/Name: Long-lasting eyeliner in 06 Dark Brown

Price: $15 CAD

I strolled on over to The Body Shop and all of their Holiday items were on sale, so I picked up a bunch. In fact, on one of the items I bought wasn't on sale.

The first product I grabbed was a set of 5 Born Lippy lip balms/glosses. They bring them back for the holidays every year and they're regularly $15 CAD, but it was half off and it was the only one left that I saw. 

Company: The Body Shop

Colour/Shade/Product Number/Name: Born Lippy Gift Set (Strawberry, Passionberry, Watermelon, Raspberry, Satsuma Shimmer)

Price: $7.50 CAD (Regularly $15 CAD)

I was running low in faoming cleanser and I've been wanting to try this one (the only item I paid full price for):

Company: The Body Shop

Colour/Shade/Product Number/Name: Aloe Gentle Facial Wash

Price: $16 CAD

I saw this eyeshadow palette they had for the holidays. It was significantly discounted.

Company: The Body Shop

Colour/Shade/Product Number/Name: 4-Step Smoky Eyes 4 Colour Eye Palette in Smokey Copper

Price: $10 CAD (Regularly $28 CAD)

Company: The Body Shop

Colour/Shade/Product Number/Name: Slanted Kabuki Brush

Price: $10 CAD (Regularly $28 CAD)

I saw the Toffee Born Lippy lip balm stick on sale. It was on sale and I like the scent, so I bought it. (Seriously though, it smells so much like caramel I want to eat it, but it doesn't have much of a taste.)

Company: The Body Shop

Colour/Shade/Product Number/Name: Born Lippy Toffee Lip Balm

Price: $3 CAD (Regularly $6 CAD)

I fell in love with the eyeliner when I swatched it. I don't doubt that I'll have to set it with eyeshadow, though.

Company: The Body Shop

Colour/Shade/Product Number/Name: Eye Definer in 15 Copper Brown

Price: $5 CAD (Regularly $11.50 CAD)

I also go a free sample of their Shea Body Butter, even though I already have it. 

Here are some swatches:

UD Naked Skin Foundation, Sephora Liquid Liner in Dark Brown, Sephora Liquid Liner in Black.

Born Lippy Toffee Lib Balm

Eyeshadow Quad shades lightest to darkest, Copper Brown Eyeliner Pencil.

I hope you liked this. Let me know your thoughts on the post and on the products in the comments and let me know if you pick any of these up (while you still can!).

Have a spectacular day!

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